And we’re having a…..


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One of the advantages of having an NIPT is that you have the option of finding out the gender of your baby. We considered keeping the gender a surprise but, on reflection, decided that knowing what you are having helps with the planning but also, in the euphoria of giving birth, would finding out the gender of your baby on the day really add anything extra? For me, I didn’t think so. And I’m an impatient person. So we ticked the box on the form & asked the company who did our test to phone with the results of the genetic tests but to email us the full report so we could find out the gender while sat together.

I was convinced we were having a boy. I also went for some acupuncture in the early stages of pregnancy and my acupuncturist asked if I wanted to try out the ancient Chinese way of predicting gender, just for a bit of fun. She took my pulse in both wrists to feel which was stronger. It was stronger on my right which apparently meant I was having a boy. I, of course,  went home and Googled Chinese gender predictions and it said that a stronger pulse on my right hand meant a girl.

I was quite happy with the prospect of a boy and, with a donor egg, I figured it could mean more genes from Mike. But on the day the test results were due I woke up with an overwhelming urge for a girl. I calmed myself with the words of a friend who said she had also been desperate for a girl but finding out she was having a boy gave her the rest of her pregnancy to adjust to the idea and, of course, she adores her boy.

So Mike and I sat next to each other on the settee in the conservatory. IPad in hand and I pulled up the email and opened the attachment and we slowly scrolled down until we came to the bit that said:

Fetal sex: FEMALE

And I burst  into tears.


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