Early scans – 12 week scan

12 weeks

This feels like a real milestone of a scan. Pass this one and the risk of miscarriage drops to 1% and I felt I would finally be able to breathe again and possibly even start to believe in this pregnancy.

The sonographer, as ever, was brilliant. Friendly, informative and said immediately when she had found a heartbeat. I could have cried. At this point I was still having no symptoms, it’s still too early to feel movements so I was hanging on to every scan appointment and just hoping that nothing had gone wrong. But there was our baby, sleeping peacefully with a little heartbeat going ten to the dozen. What a wonderful sound.

We had agreed to the NHS test for Downs Syndrome and reassuringly, the sonographer mentioned there was no nuchal thickening which was a relief at the time. I looked at our notes later though and saw she had measured the nuchal fold as 2.2mm and I’d have preferred less than 2mm but we figured with a young donor, our risk should still be low. We’d just have to wait and see.

After completing the measurements she needed the sonographer had me turn on my side for a minute or so and then back and it did the trick. The baby was awake and did a little dance for us, such a beautiful sight, made us laugh and gave us images to remember. From then onwards s/he has been the “dancing baby”.

Following the scan, we saw a midwife who took a blood sample to complete the testing for Downs Syndrome and then we were on our way again, smiling and with images of our beautiful dancing baby in our minds. A great day.


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