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Following on from that first midwife appointment, I’d been sent a huge pack of information in the post, including my maternity notes and two appointments (booking appointment & the 12 week scan).

The booking appointment turned out to be a longer introductory appointment which took at least an hour. I have no idea why they call it the booking appointment and I really had no idea what to expect.

We basically went through the green “pregnancy notes” booklet filling in the sections covering contact details, who my named midwife is, if I smoke or take drugs, my employment status, my medical history, my mental health, my estimated due date and my family history. I had “primip” written across the page on previous births which I had to Google to find out means this is my first pregnancy.

The midwife, Michelle, then took blood samples testing for iron, blood group, antibodies, sickle cell, thalassaemia, rubella, hepatitis B, syphilis and HIV. Some of these I’d already had as part of the GP check up or as part of my fertility treatment so I was pretty confident there would be no nasty surprises.

I also gave my permission for the standard scans and the screening for Down’s Syndrome which would happen at 12 weeks. We went through the reasons for having the flu and whooping cough vaccinations and if I would be happy for me and the baby to receive blood if required.

Michelle talked me through some symptoms that, should they occur, I should contact the maternity unit immediately and also did a “antenatal venous thromboembolism” assessment. Thankfully age was my only risk factor noted so I came out at low risk.

We discussed diet and the importance of exercise and that I would be consultant led.

Overall it was a long but positive experience and I felt I wasn’t treated any differently at all because of my age. Although this was only my second midwife appointment, I was beginning to feel as though I would just be classed as an older Mum and essentially lumped in with all the other over 35yr olds. Such a relief!

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